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Business Terms and Conditions for cranes and stevedores

All crane and stevedoring tasks are performed in compliance with the standard DHAB 2016 Terms and Conditions of Danish Port Operators (Danske Havnevirksomheders Almindelige Betingelser), which can be found by following the link below.

The aforementioned conditions limit our liability for loss, deterioration or damage to the goods to 2 SDR per kg or 667.67 SDR per package.

For delays, liability for compensation is only up to the cost of the performed task. Maximum compensation per incident, including for delays, is however limited to a maximum of 25,000 SDR and if one and the same event results in losses being incurred by several entities, our liability in relation to all affected entities shall in certain respects be limited to 500,000 SDR.

Claims against us shall, in certain instances, lapse after ten months. We have charges for both current and former claims, non-payment interest being charged at a rate of 2% per month. Offsetting against balances owed to us is not permitted.

Click on the link below to read more about DHAB.

Danske Havnevirksomheders Almindelige Betingelser 2016 (DHAB)