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General terms and conditions

The following trading terms and conditions shall apply to the extent that they are not excluded by written agreement between the parties. Other conditions for transport, cranes and stevedoring and crushing tasks are indicated in a separate section, under the terms and conditions on our website, klosteras.dk

1. Prices and transport/work

1.1 Kloster A/S pricing is based on transport/work during normal working hours. Surcharges will be applied for transport/work ordered for performance on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, and on normal working days outside normal working hours.

1.2 Kloster A/S pricing is based on transport to permanent roads or areas with road plates. We reserve the right to charge costs for towing and repair of vehicles should they become mired away from firm road surfaces or road plates if directed there by the customer.

1.3 All prices are indicated exclusive of VAT. This also applies to quotes offered to private persons. 

2. Rental

2.1 Rented equipment is the property of Kloster A/S and may only be used for agreed or intended purposes. Rented equipment may only be emptied or transported by Kloster A/S, or by a partner designated by Kloster A/S.

2.2 The lessee has a duty to maintain the rented equipment, to keep it in a good and usable condition. When the agreement expires, the rented material will be collected and cleaned at the current daily rate.

2.3 During the rental period, the lessee has a duty to insure the rented equipment against vandalism, fire and theft. 

2.4 Rental charges are indexed once annually in February

3. Payments

3.1 The customer’s payment shall be as stipulated in the invoice issued by Kloster A/S. Payment terms are 14 days from invoice date. After the due date, late payment interest will be added as provided in the Danish Interest on Overdue Payments Act for consumers (Renteloven). Other customers will be charged 3% per month in interest. When issuing a payment reminder, we reserve the right to charge a reminder fee.

4. Sale of used equipment

4.1 Used equipment is sold as found and inspected, with no form of guarantee and on net cash payment terms.

4.2 Used equipment remains the property of Kloster A/S until full and final payment has been made. 

5. Product liability

5.1 Kloster A/S shall under no circumstances accept liability for operating losses, wasted time, lost profits or data or any other similar form of indirect losses.

6. Force majeure

6.1. If Kloster A/S is prevented from performing its agreed obligations due to circumstances such as: war or other disturbances, fire, supply difficulties, industrial action at Kloster A/S or Kloster A/S’s subcontractors, climatic conditions and any other circumstances that would be considered force majeure, these circumstances shall indemnify Kloster A/S against liability to pay compensation to the customer.  

7. Legal venue

7.1 Kloster A/S’s legal venue is the Court in Horsens.