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General Data

The General Data Protection Regulation

Kloster A/S is fully compliant with the Personal Data Regulation which is the Danish implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation. We collect no unnecessary data about our employees, customers or suppliers. The data that we do collect is for the sole purpose of performing our obligations pursuant to our contractual obligations in as correct a manner as possible. Accordingly, we do not use the data given to us for marketing purposes. Neither do we pass any of your data on to third parties. You are entitled to request in writing at any time that we provide you with details of any information that we have registered about you and the purpose for which it is registered. Data submitted by job applicants is deleted if the applicant is not given a position of employment with us.  We safeguard your data against unauthorised disclosure and ensure that it is neither available to, nor known about, by unauthorised parties.

How we use cookies

We use cookies on our website to improve user-friendliness by saving your settings and gathering information about the behaviours of you and other users on our website. We use this information to optimise our website on an ongoing basis, to make sure that you and other users have a positive user experience with us. Cookies are automatically stored on your device as you navigate our website if you have accepted them when opening the website.

Code of conduct


It is obvious that Kloster A/S is required to be compliant with current legislation. This means that we always respect and comply with legislation and the regulations that apply to our business. We expect that all our employees are aware of and understand the laws and regulations that are of relevance to their specific function or role. 

Business relationships

Kloster A/S is honest and open in its dealings with business partners and third parties. We therefore expect that our business partners and their suppliers conduct themselves in the same way. We take pride in being compliant with our obligations and respecting the agreements we have concluded. We expect that our business partners act in accordance with our values and code of conduct, or with similar values and codes of their own.


Our employees are required to act in accordance with the law and to follow the company’s guidelines and procedures for the tasks and areas of work that they are involved with. Kloster A/S expects that its employees work according to the values of honesty, quality, business-mindedness and responsibility. Where there is no legislation or other regulations to guide personal conduct, the individual employee should use his or her own common sense and exercise due care and diligence. If an employee is in doubt, he or she should discuss the matter with their supervisor or manager.

Harassment and victimisation will not be tolerated. Customers, colleagues and other business partners must be treated fairly and with respect.

Kloster A/S requires of its employees that they never perform their work tasks when under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Kloster A/S expects employees to exercise discretion when discussing company matters in public. This applies both when speaking and in written form, such as on social media. Confidential information may only be disclosed to parties who have a legitimate need to be informed of and who are authorised to access the information in question.
Note: There is a professional duty to observe secrecy with respect to all information that you become aware of in connection with the performance of your work, with the exception of matters about which a third party needs to be informed due to the nature of the matter.

HR policy

We offer good working conditions and a safe and positive workplace environment. More specifically, the policies listed below are applicable during the various phases of an employment relationship.

  • Recruitment

We recruit competent, productive professionals who are able to engage in positive partnerships with their colleagues.

All employees share a responsibility for assisting new employees to ensure that they are given a good introduction to the company. Managers in particular have a special responsibility with regard to informing new employees about the position’s content, objectives and frameworks, and to provide a general overview of the formal and informal regulations, traditions and routines that characterise Kloster A/S.

  • During employment

It is important that all employees possess the relevant competencies that they require to perform current and future tasks.  It is the responsibility of managers to ensure that these competencies are present. It is, however, a shared matter for management and employees to ensure that competencies are further developed in order to assure both the needs of Kloster A/S and the employee’s own needs for personal and professional development.

  • Ending the employment relationship

Kloster A/S aims to give our employees a sense of security during the time they are employed. We achieve this by management’s focus on long-term strategic planning and ongoing organisational adjustments. Because of seasonal variations, it is not, however, always possible to avoid adjustments at short notice. In these scenarios, Kloster A/S is always willing to offer professional references and, should the need arise due to increased workloads, would be willing to contact the employee with a view to recommencing employment if appropriate. Kloster A/S has no interest in seeing skills go to waste.