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Environmental values are very important

Kloster A/S gives high priority to environmental issues, both internally and externally.

Our environmental considerations already begin at purchasing level and when choosing our suppliers. Minimising our consumption and our general impact on external environments are part of our everyday routine. One way we achieved this was by replacing most our fleet, allowing us to become compliant with all environmental requirements.

Workplace health and safety are also an environmental consideration and Kloster A/S focuses accordingly on our employees’ safety and welfare. Our internal requirements on the use of personal protective equipment are far more stringent than those required by law. Naturally, we also focus on the products that we use, both out of consideration of the environment, but also to protect each employee to the best of our ability.

Employee development

Our employees are one of our most important resources, so we are keen for them to stay with us. Therefore, we make sure that they receive training on an ongoing basis. 

We are very proud of the fact that we have trainee drivers and office staff. We are also active in the integration of employees from abroad, by ensuring that they are able to attend school, including Danish language tuition.

Kloster A/S also accepts the importance of corporate social responsibility which, in practical terms, means that we also employ people in flexible positions.